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Older News
2007-12-03 New version 1.6.19. New option 'NO_OFFSET' to suppress the time offset in the log file; new parameters in the executable logtext.exe to support external packers.
2007-11-04 New version 1.6.18. Bug fix: The option 'NTFS_COMPRESSION=TRUE' in logtext.ini was broken.
2007-10-29 New version 1.6.17. Logtext does now support NTFS compression.
2007-05-27 New version 1.6.16. FAT file systems are now supported better. Logtext will automatically sort the directory listing when it recognizes a FAT file system so that the correct files are compressed or deleted. An initialization function for the DLL is now included.
2007-04-01 New version 1.6.15. Bug fix: Older versions of logtext.dll could crash the application on a multi-processor machine if LogTextEx () is heavily used in different threads.
2007-03-01 New version 1.6.14. Previous versions of logtext.dll don't close all handles correctly. This may result in a memory leak if the DLL is used by applications with a very long runtime, like Windows services etc.
2007-02-08 New version 1.6.12. Additional parameters, including the option to store log files in Inno Setup's installation format. Fixed bug in the AutoIt example regarding stdcall and cdecl.
2006-11-24 New version 1.6.11. Performance improvement and minor changes to the executable's help screen.
2006-11-16 New version 1.6.10. The new version of the DLL allows to suspend and resume the logging thread.
2006-11-08 New version 1.6.9. It fixes a bug in logtext.dll where the application could crash when compressing old log files.
2006-11-04 New version 1.6.8.
2006-10-17 An improved installation program is available for download.

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